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    I was dating a guy for a few months who was very into bondage. At the time I wasn't, but he slowly introduced me to restraints, glove play, light flogging... And blindfolding.

    I ended up with a nice leather blindfold out if the deal-- and a penchant for having sex without my sight.

    After the breakup, I found I really missed the sensation created by being blindfolded and used. So much so, that I decided I would start looking online for a guy willing to do an anonymous, walk-in, blindfold scene.

    It didn't take me long to find a willing participant from Craigslist.

    The guy's ad said he was 36, 6'2", 200 lbs, athletic and bisexual. With a frigid girlfriend who never wanted his thick 7.5" cock. He was looking for a butt to fuck, but because of his gf he was really looking for an anonymous scene.

    I replied to his ad and told him that I wanted a walk-in, no talking, greased up and ready to fuck scene-- and that I was willing to wear a blindfold. I sent him an ass pic to help seal the deal.

    It did.

    He was over in 20 minutes. He called up from the lobby of my building- didn't say a word. I buzzed him up, made sure my door was unlocked, slid the blindfold in place, and waited.

    I heard the apartment door open and snap shut. The gentle whiff-whiff of his pant legs as he entered my room. The slow pull of his jacket zipper, and then the sound of clothes being removed and dropped on the floor.

    Suddenly his cold hand is on my chest at my nipple and it startled me so much I jump a bit. His other cold hand starts jacking my semi-hard cock.

    At this point I'm excited, yet nervous. This guy could be anyone. He could be a liar. A craigslist killer even. But so far, so good.

    The hand on my chest moved to the back of my neck, and he gently pulled my head toward his groin. I knew what he was wanting, so I opened my mouth and hunted for his cock.

    He was rock hard and every bit as described. He was also leaking precum like a sieve, all of which i lapped up greedily.

    He was still jacking me while I worked his cock with my mouth, and then I added in some hand-jacking. His breath was slightly raspy, and I could tell he was shuddering a bit.

    He was obviously very turned on, and also a bit nervous, like I was.

    Slowly, he pulled his dick from my mouth, and I felt his now-warm hands on my body. He was gently urging me to roll over, do I did. And then I felt him climb onto the bed with me.

    He straddled my ass, an I felt him lean over me to grab the lube that was on te nightstand. His meat rested heavily on my ass when he did. He leaned back, and cool lube started bathing my asscrack.

    He lay on top of me and started humping my ass, spreading the lube all around my crack and his cock. I arched up and his cockhead found my hole. And with a thrust, that thick meat was inside me.

    I grunted at the shock, but did my best not to break the silence. His cock was definitely thick, and it hurt going in. And it was hitting fairly deep inside In tjis position

    His heavy breathing was in my ear, and his furry chest was scratching my back. It reminded me of my Uncle who fucked ms so many years before. It was so fucking hot!

    I reached down and felt his thighs on the outside of mine. They were taut and muscular, and covered with coarse hair. I let my fingers play with it while he fucked my hole.

    After fucking me for awhile, he pulled out abruptly, grabbed my legs, and flipped me over. I lifted my legs for him, and I felt him reposition his cock at my hole. Then, with his hands gripped at my knees he re-entered me roughly.

    While he's fucking me, I reach up and start exploring his torso. He had thick, rough chest hair and small nipples on tight pecs. He gasped when I started lightly pinching and playing with them.

    I let my hands wander down to his furry, but fairly flat stomach.

    The man was in good shape, I could tell. With lots of manly hair covering his body. And a big, ol' dick that was buried in my ass. It was all such a complete turn-on.

    I desperately wanted to kiss him, so I moved my hands to the back of his neck (more fur) and gently pulled downward.

    Much to my surprise (and delight) he dove toward my mouth and attacked it with his tongue.

    He had a short goatee, and the coarse bristles were burning the skin around my lips. I felt his head and face like a blind man while we made out. His buzzcut felt like velvet on the palms of my hands.

    I felt up his burly, furry forearms, and around to his slightly furry back. I grabbed his back hard and forced him harder onto and into me.

    He broke our kiss, grabbed my ankles, lifted my legs into the air, and started pounding my ass for all he was worth. The bed was rocking and squeaking with every thrust and his breathing was loud and shallow.

    Then he stopped pounding and I felt him tense up. His cock started throbbing inside me while his breath came in quiet grunts. He shivered a couple times, and made two or three more deep thrusts into me.

    And then it was over.

    He slowly pulled out of me and got off the bed. I heard him wipe down with the towel I'd left out, then came the sounds of him getting dressed. I heard the jacket zip and I figured he was soon to be out the door.

    He surprised me, though, with one last kiss. A nice, gentle, long kiss. Then he muzzled my ear with his goatee and sighed, patted me twice on the chest as a thank you, and he was gone.

    The apartment door opened and clicked shut again, and I finally pulled off the blindfold.

    Then I jacked off and blew a huge load while replaying getting my ass bred anonymously by a furry bi dude in what was probably some of the hottest sex I've ever had.

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    That's a hot story. I've always wanted an anonymous fuck to breed my hole. Someday I hope to have an experience like that.

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    I fucking love getting used like that

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