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  1. Default The Last Time my Uncle Fucked Me

    Family members sometimes really do make for the best sexual experiences.

    When I lived down South, my father and uncle would come down once a year for a weeklong visit. They came down to play golf and to use my house as a free place to stay. The visits were usually pretty good, and I worked and stayed out of their hair, basically giving them free rein of the place. Now, the uncle who accompanied my dad had taken my anal virginity when I was 16. We only had sex a couple times, total, back when I was 16 to 17. Then it suddenly stopped and we never talked about it afterward, until this particular visit.

    It was Sunday, and they had arrived the night before. They always drove down, even though it was a 2-day drive to visit. We had all been up for awhile and it was a nice, warm day. Dad decided he wanted to go out for a jog, and my uncle said that while my dad was "out being an idiot runner", he would be soaking his back in the jacuzzi. Dad took off, and I fired up the jacuzzi for my uncle. I watched from the bedroom as my uncle stripped off all his clothes and hopped in the tub naked. He still looked pretty good-- same furry chest, same thick cock, he was just grayer now that he was 53 or so. And he had a pretty good-sized belly now.

    Normally my father and uncle were always together during their visits, and there was no "separate" time, so I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to discuss things with my uncle, but I also knew my dad wouldn't be out jogging forever. You see, for the fifteen years that had intervened between high school and the present, I'd been reliving and jacking off to my experiences with my uncle. Now I was much older, presumably much wiser, and certainly MUCH kinkier. I had turned into a bottom whore in those 15 years, and LOVED to service daddies and older men, all probably because they reminded me of my uncle.

    So, while my uncle was soaking, I shucked my drawers and sauntered out to the tub. His eyes were closed and he didn't hear me until I was slipping into the jacuzzi next to him. We stared at each other for a minute or so in stony silence. I could see his gears turning-- wondering what was going on. This was the first time we'd been alone with no other family around in many years. I broke the silence "So, uncle, do you ever think about fucking me? Because I think about those times you fucked me all the time." He just sat there, looking at me. I don't think he expected me to be so brazen about it. In addition, since we had never spoken about it, I'm sure I caught him off-guard.

    "I bet you do," I said. "How you pulled down my pants and basically raped my virgin butthole? How you pushed that big cock of yours into me and painted my guts with your cum? How you made me suck your dick and take a fucking like a man?" I rubbed my foot against his leg and scooted a bit closer to him. "Did you know you were my first? Did you know that you were going to spoil my ass for all those men after you?" Uncle still wasn't saying anything and I was sitting in the adjacent seat now. "Do you ever think about our time together, and jack off while about it? I do-- all the time. I also wonder what it would be like to take your cock again. Just once more, for old time's sake." I reached down and grabbed his dick. He was rock hard, just as I expected he would be.

    "Sit on the edge of the jacuzzi," I commanded. He stood up and his cock arched out over the bubbling water. It had been 15 years since I'd messed around with him and we had always done it in a dark room, so I had never really seen his cock before. As a kid I had always remembered it being enormous and fat. In reality, it was a very respectable 7.5 incher, with a big mushroom head, but just average shaft thickness. Once on the edge of the tub, I bent down and started sucking him. I worked fast and furiously on his dick, getting him as aroused as I could, as I knew our time was short. I spit and slobbered on him a lot more than I normally would in order to get it ready for my hole.

    When it was properly slick, I stood up, turned around, and promptly squatted right down on him in one motion. (Hey, I told you that I'd become a bottom whore.) He groaned slightly once he was buried inside. He also gasped as I began working my ass-muscles to milk his dick. I rode him for awhile, working the entire shaft in and out of my eager butt. But I knew he was really into it when he grabbed my hips and bent me over so he could start plowing me. He drilled my ass just like he used to, hard and steady. Water was sloshing around and there was the wet slap-slap-slap of his groin against my ass. Somewhere out there my dad was jogging around. My dad might have worked-up a sweat, but my uncle and I were working up an equal sweat. It was hot as fuck, and better than when I was 16 because I was in charge!

    All too soon he thrust into me hard, and I felt that now-familiar feeling of a dick unloading into my guts. After the last spasm, I stood up slowly and pressed my back into my uncle's furry chest one last time. And that's when we heard our names being called out from inside the house. My dad was home and he was calling to us to find out where we were!

    Uncle and I yanked apart like two surprised teenagers and dropped into the jacuzzi at lightning speed! The water was still sloshing when dad rounded the corner and saw us 'relaxing' at the jets. He asked if he could bring us a beer as we were looking somewhat flushed. We both accepted, and once he brought them, he left to go shower and we were alone again.

    I decided to get out of the jacuzzi first, and while I stood on the deck toweling off, I whispered, "Thanks Unk, that was much hotter than I remembered." And while looking him dead in the eyes I said, "It was even hotter than the sex I used to have with your kid."
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    That is so hot. My first few times were with my mother's boyfriend. Not a relative but she was shacked with a guy that recently served time. At first it was head and then he started coming into my room at night and telling me to take my pants off and roll over. He would mount me just using spit and slam my hole with his sweet cock. I use to fall asleep to the smell of his sweet cum.

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