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Thread: Lito Cruz

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    Does someone have any information on Lito Cruz. Back on a few members said he was openly positive and that he also takes poz loads up his ass.
    Any more details? :-)

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    It already hardens my cock to watch him breed hole on would make me harder (if that's possible) to know he's shooting loaded cum.

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    I hooked up with him once when he lived in San Diego, I wouldn't let him cum in me at the time (which I now regret). I remember him sending me a text once telling me that next time we hook up he's giving me his charged load. Unfortunately he moved and we never did it again.

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    wow cool, can you give us a few more details... like what yu two guys did together? bare fucking I hope at least :-)
    what was he into?

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    Obviously bare fucking! It was about two years ago, his real name is Miguel and he's an escort LitoCruz on bbrt. I didn't have to pay for it (I was 20 at the time) he was a really nice guy and very verbal. Would hook up with him again in a heartbeat! I remember I saw him once at the movies while the two of us were both on dates.

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    I've seen him once at Slammers in Fort Lauderdale. He was busy busy! I wish I could have gotten his load in me.

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    where did he come? and how long did he fuck you?

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    I don't remember how long it lasted, at the time I wasn't bug chasing and I told him to pull out. Right before he came he asked me if I was sure I wanted him to pull out. Wish I would have let him blast inside.

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    With his nice face curved cock I am sure he is a popular guy at the bathhouses.

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    well especially with that dick, I'm sure everyone wants to have him.
    so did he just come on your body? what was he into and most of all what did his dick feel like in your pussy?

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    There was a thread about him on bugshare if I recall, and that he was kind of a jerk. You never know if this is true or not (there are a lot of bitter people out there) but I would never turn down his strain.

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    did he tell you that he was poz and wanted to breed you?

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    I totally love this guy and like to see his videos :-)

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    Lito cruz is a barebacking hero.

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    Here are some gratuitous pics of Lito from Hot Barebacking (he's the top in the pics below)...

    And a gratuitous shot of his beautiful dick...

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