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    Default Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    Can a Bug Chaser become a Gift Giver? I only ask because I am a Bottom who loves to get fucked. I started my Barebacking career in December, 2001, when a guy invited me over. He’d told me he was POZ, and I was ready to take that first step into the Unknown.

    I asked if he minded fucking a NEG, and he said, “No, not at all. Long as you understand I only do Bareback.”

    When I first arrived he demanded I service his Shaft. It wasn't huge, maybe 5.5” but fat, with an angry purple Head. How I gagged when he forced It down my throat!

    He asked me twice if I wanted his Dirty Cock up my Ass, and both times I nodded “Yes.“

    After I’d chowed down on his Meat, he flipped over, supporting himself on the couch. I ‘d rimmed before; but this guy’s Hole was looser than most, and I was able to sink my tongue deep into his soft moist Ass tissue, inhaling the musk of his Crack and tasting his Ass Juices.

    In the bedroom he had me lie face down on the bed. For the third time he asked me, ”You want it RAW?

    For the third time I answered, “Yes.”

    He handed me some Poppers, and I took a long hard hit. Poppers always loosen me up, and my inhibitions dissolve. While I sniffed, he rimmed my Mancunt, lubing It with his Tongue, working his spit in with his fingers. He had me kneel on his face and rimmed my Crack while I sucked his Dick.

    By then he was Precuming profusely. I lapped up his Juices savoring the flavor, knowing that shortly he’d be gouging my Ass with his ManMeat and creaming my Pussy.

    He slipped from beneath me and hoisted my legs to his shoulders. He looked me straight in the eye. "Ready?"

    I was more than Ready. I was anxious to feel his Cock pierce my HIV-Gateway. As my Pussy stretched open, I felt him inching inside me. I yelped, but he continued his Assault till his Balls slapped my Butt. He pulled back and started thrusting in me. I could feel his Cockhead pulsate, and I bucked and rode his Shaft in response.

    "This your first time?"

    "First time with a POZ guy.”

    "Well, we gotta make it memorable for you. No trophies for second place."

    He pounded my Hole and broke out in a Sweat. Beads glistened on his face, dribbled down his chin and dripped into my open mouth. My body was taut, awaiting his final Onslaught; but my mind screamed, “NO! THIS IS INSANE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!“

    "STOP!" I shouted, "I CAN'T GO THROUGH WITH THIS."

    "Too late, Mate. I gave you 3 chances to say ‘No’ and each time you said, ‘Yes.’ Now it's time you learned what ‘Yes’ really means. It means gettin’ POZZED and taking It like a Man and not whining that you’ve changed your mind."

    I struggled beneath him, but despite my best efforts I couldn't get free. He was jabbing my Chute with long, powerful strokes and gasping for air, when he roared, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING; AND I'M BREEDING YOUR NEG HOLE WITH POZ CUM."

    I felt the hot burst of his Pleasure erupt in my Pussy as he shot Volley after Volley in my Guts. What he lacked in size, he made up for in volume. It felt like he pumped gallons of Venom in me. He fucked me a few minutes longer, working his Noxious Jism in deeper—before pulling out and making me lick him clean.

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    wow. hot stuff

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    Default Re: Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    Yes, that´s how a chasing whore should be taken. (I´m such one too, still neg.)

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    Default Re: Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    holy fuck ..

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    Default Re: Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    I rather like this story, also. Simple, focused, with some detail, but not excessive. Moreover it's not beyond my admittedly modest experiences.

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    Default Re: Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    All cumpigs need poz conversion and should beg for it.

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    Default Re: Conversion of a Bug Chaser

    Hot story! Hope when I finally convert I get a similar treatment! :-)

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