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    Default Bug Chaser Rough Fucked By Poz Top With Pierced Dick

    For reasons too obtuse to explain, I was a NEG on a quest for POZ Cum, so I was searching for a POZ Top who'd screw the hell out of me. Yeah, I was nervous about getting BRED, but remained resolute. I had almost despaired of finding Mr. Right, so I decided to try the Baths one more time.

    It was Sunday night, and the crowd had grown sparse. I strapped my key around my bicep, wrapped my towel about my waist, and headed out on the prowl.

    On my second pass I ran into a Dude, late forties, tats, with a large PA. I found him in the back room with a little Queen attached to his Cock. When it was my turn, I tongued his 7 inches and loved him from his Pits to his Toes. He invited me up to his room, "for privacy," so he said.

    I confided I was NEG and hated Condoms. He countered that, though he was POZ, his Viral Load was "under control," and he only fucked bare.

    I leaned forward to kiss him, forced my tongue down his throat, and almost gagged on the Bucket of Spit he passed back. That sealed the deal. I fell hook, line, and sinker in love with his Cock. As his PA pressed against my own rigid Tool, I knew I was closer to Nirvana than ever before.

    As he bent me over, I apprehensively I eyed his PA. He uncapped his Lube and wriggled three greasy fingers up my Mancunt. It didn't go easy, as he raked me over the coals, with all the brawn he could muster. As I felt his steel-tipped Rod grind his sweet, diseased Pre-Cum into my Pussy, I reached back and caressed his slimey Shaft; and my digits came away RED.

    His prurient onslaught culminated in a Butt Fucking Frenzy as his Balls pounded my Buttocks, his panting grew harsh, and his stale breath pelted the back of my neck. My Ass was on fire, and I watched BLOBS OF BUTT BLOOD smack the linoleum floor.

    He moaned he was cuming and spasmed in me. Is there such a thing as the numbing power of HIV? As his Gift of Death flooded my Innards, it doused the flame in my gut. I felt his Hot Jizm in powerful spurts spew Venom into my bod, and I shot my Load. His weight on my back, my NEG Spooge in my Pubes, and his POZ Jizz in my Pussy, combined to make me feel I'd cum home at last.

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    Default Re: Bug Chaser Rough Fucked By Poz Top With Pierced Dick

    fuckin hot wish that had happen to me
    luv to be fucked by a PA and have it rip my hole and make it bloody
    anyone want to do that to me reinfect me

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    Default Re: Bug Chaser Rough Fucked By Poz Top With Pierced Dick

    Beautiful fucking post!

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