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    Default Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    I’ve been an unrepentant barebacker all my life, even after I tested poz more than 20 years ago. I was 100 percent bottom until about eight or nine years ago, when I discovered the pleasures of breeding men – especially younger guys, whom I feel a special obligation to impregnate with my poz seed for the next generation of pigs. Even though I’m mostly top now, I’m always ready to flip and surrender my hole to other poz/AIDS brothers who will recharge and strengthen my seed.

    My dick gets rock hard and drips when I think about the hot time I had with a guy I met on the Web several years ago. His name was Alex, and we made a date to meet on one of my semi-regular trips back to my hometown. He said he had full-blown AIDS, and he was looking for pigs who would continue to carry and spread his strain after he croaked. I assured him I’d spread his strains to hundreds of other raw pigs. I explained to him that I have a twisted obsession with poz seed and that nothing gets me hotter than swapping tainted fluids with other poz pigs. He was flattered that I wanted to take and transmit his DNA to the next generation.

    I went straight to his place after checking into my hotel, and I can still remember how hot he looked when he opened the door, naked except for an open bathrobe. Alex was white, late 40s, 6-foot-2 and about 150 pounds of extremely lean muscle and veins. He had a full, thick black moustache that dominated the sunken cheeks on his gaunt face. His cock was 7 inches, thick and heavy like mine, with a huge mushroom head pierced by a PA. He pulled me to him, twisted my pig tit and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth, and I sucked the taste of beer and cigarettes in his spit.

    I stripped immediately and couldn’t wait to get his loads inside me. I dropped and took his cock in my mouth, making love to his death tool. I’m not much into oral sex (I prefer a hot mouth on my nipples), but knowing his balls and dick carried the juice that I desperately craved drove me mad with lust, and I worshipped him like a god. I gave myself in complete submission, ready, willing and hoping to do anything he asked in return for the unholy privilege of receiving his toxic cum in my guts.

    Although he’d stopped taking HIV meds about a year earlier, Alex said he needed Viagra to fuck. So while we waited for his dick to get hard, I gladly fucked him and added my strains with his own death cells inside his guts. Although he was taller than me, I had at least 30 pounds of muscle on him, and I easily pinned him to the bed as I wedged my fat dick into his extremely tight hole. We made love, with lots of kissing and talking nasty about AIDS and death, and I didn’t pull out until I’d dumped three loads of my own dirty seed into his guts. Some of it spilled out when I pulled my cock out of him, so I felched it and fed it back to him in a fucking deep, hot kiss.

    By that time, Alex’s own death tool cock was rock hard. I jumped in his sling, and he aimed his PA directly at my own rarely fucked hole. Using only spit, he slowly but insistently pushed his whole cock into me. It burned like hell, and I knew he was tearing tissue as started pumping. After about 10 minutes we moved from the sling back to the bed so we could kiss more easily while he shared his gift with me. I noticed something red on his dick, and I reached down and fingered my hole to confirm I was bleeding. Strung out on poppers and lust, I begged Alex to ram his dick back inside me, which he did. I don’t get fucked often and it was all I could do to withstand his assault, but the knowledge that he was already dripping deadly precum into my bloodstream only made me hungry for more. We were drenched in sweat and the smell of poppers as he pumped my cunt for another 15 minutes, sharing lots of deep kisses and twisted talk about worshipping AIDS. Finally, my new lover spewed a huge load of his death seed deep into my guts. The intense connection we shared was overwhelming, like a true spiritual experience, and I remember wishing I could die right there as his spasming cock still spewing poison into me.

    When Alex finally pulled out, my muscle cunt clamped tight to keep his death juice deep inside. I greedily licked the remnants of cum and blood from his dick and shared the precious mixture with him in lots of deep kisses. I spent the night at his place, where we got high on beer, pot, piss and AIDS lust. He dumped three more loads in my hole and I gave him two more of my own seed to share with other pigs.

    I don’t know if he did: I heard from another bud that Alex died two weeks later. Fortunately, he still lives deep in my sick brain and in the toxic DNA that I continue to spread to other brothers who share my dark, twisted passion.

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    another great story mi dude....

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    hay im 38 and a bugchaser that really has to get aids and hiv deep inside of my ass and not having a lot of lucking getting impregnated by hiv poz guys so just wanted to tell you and wish you could inpregnate me

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    Hey, I recognize this as one of my stories that was posted at BNskin and/or bugshare. Most likely it's from BNskin, because the ones that I posted at bugshare were rewritten with additional material by someone. Anyway, glad to see it here!

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    Fuck! That story is so sensuous I've got a raging hardon!!!
    Bareback cumslut for bearish POZ tops from Budapest, Hungary

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    Unless/until there's a cure, AIDS is an enduring legacy...and a bit of personal ********ity

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    so fucken hot....... I only on to taking my 4 pod load and yet to join the brotherhood but I can not wait to spread my seed once I do

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    Default Re: Poz Guys Swap Toxic Loads

    fuck, that's one hot story. Have been n breeded a few times recently by undetectable top but have always wanted to get fucked raw and seeded by a poz gifter. Hell, I would rewward a toxic poz top to use me and pump seed deep in my wrecked hole. Boston area if any willing men.

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